About Us


About Us

Just a little information about us, the company and how we got started.


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Dream Home

Let us design and buld your dream home. Your home is undoubtedly the biggest purchase of your life. Why settle for anything less than meets your expectation?

Quality Design

From the start we design with quality in mind. Anything less than perfection is unacceptable to us

Modern Kitchens

Kitchen are one of a homes biggest selling features. Option are endless.

Gorgeous Bathrooms!

We extend our quality into the bathrooms and design them to the to exceed expectations.

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Highest Quality Craftsmanship
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About Us

In the Beginning:

Tom Lancaster Homes, Inc. started back in February 2001 with a couple of duplexes in Killeen. Now, years later, we’ve built over 100 homes, many of them custom homes. We’ve also built several subdivisions with the latest one being the 74 lot subdivision Dewberry Ridge Estates on FM 116. We, at Tom Lancaster Homes, Inc. still love watching a piece of earth turn into the dream home your family can live and grow in.

Where we're going:

When asked where he sees Tom Lancaster Homes in the future Tom replied, “Building more homes! There are a lot of families out there with their dream homes tucked away for “someday”, I want to show them that their dream home is here, now, waiting to be built! I want to help them make their dreams come true.”

Building lots currently available in Dewberry Ridge in Copperas Cove, Cactus Creek in Kempner and also in Pidcoke.

Call or e-mail for a long list of happy clients.


Team Bio:

Tom Lancaster is the president and runs Tom Lancaster Homes, Inc. His wife Gay Lynn assists him with designs, colors and accents. Together they have raised 3 wonderful children here in Lampasas and have 5 very special grand children growing up here.

The secret of a great builder is in the people. We only use high quality contractors and build each house as if it was ours own. We don’t build a large volume each year, but we take the time needed to insure each house is the best. We take the time to insure your needs and desires receive the quality it deserves.

Their office has been maintained since 1999 by Audra Lagesse, also a Lampasas native who returned home to Lampasas to raise her family and help make Lampasas a great place for everyone to come home to.
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